Go to the Movies Alone, it’s good research

Thanks to new research you can now go to the movies along and not feel judged.. I’ve definitely gone to movies alone, just like I’ve watched movies alone at home, or binge watched tv shows. But people feel humiliated if they’re found watching a movie alone at a theater (mind you in the dark) Read […]

Iron Patriot Maquette

Hot Toys has done it again and thanks to sideshow toys, you can now own a piece of American history in your own home. With this highly detailed Iron Patriot expand your collection! Sideshow Collectibles Iron Patriot Maquette in partnership will Legacy Effects now available for Iron Man 3 and Marvel fans! Source: Iron Patriot […]

Steve Jobs Wrote These 8 Inspiring Pieces Of Advi… | ClickHole

So you’re young, you’re smart, and you want to change the world. How do you do it? Every budding entrepreneur thinks about this important question, but leave it to American inventor, leader, and all-around genius Steve Jobs to answer it once and for all. Source: Steve Jobs Wrote These 8 Inspiring Pieces Of Advi… | […]

HAPPYish — Anti Social Media Week

Turn off your phone, close all the other tabs in your browser, and watch this sneak peek of the premiere episode of HAPPYish. Then, after the week is over, you can brag to all of your friends on Instatwitfacesnap that you saw it here first. Source: HAPPYish — Anti Social Media Week

Daredevil’s fight scene; greatest in TV history

This is indeed the best fight scene ever, I’ve probably watched it a few times myself and I just can’t get over how well it was choreographed and can’t imagine how many takes and rehearsals it took them to get it spot on. Maybe it was all a single take with now practice. It’s Magic! […]