Steve Jobs’ 11 success principles.

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In a recent interview with John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple, said that it was a big mistake making him the CEO back in 1985, because the board thought Steve Jobs was too young to be the CEO. Sculley still to this day admits that he had no idea about computers, and that he used Steve Job's philosophy to carry on the company. He also shared with us the success principles that Steve Jobs strives on for each and every product. Here they are: 1. beautiful design; 2. customer experience; 3. no focus groups; 4. perfectionism; 5. vision; 6. minimalism; 7. hire the best; 8. sweat the details; 9. keep it small; 9. reject bad work; 10. perfection and 11. systems thinker. After looking at this list and comparing…
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Mobile Web Browsers

Programming, Web Development
With all the explosion on Mobile Web and Applications. Theres' several offerings that let you create mobile web. Some great things to keep in mind is how your application will look like in the several mobile browsers that are out there, such as Mobile Safari (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Mobile Firefox (Android and others), Mobile Opera (Several platforms). 37 Signals goes into details on how to watch out for these issues and the solution of-course. What they learned from building UI from
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Seasons of Change

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The world experiences seasons through out the year, each hemisphere is basically alternating the seasonal changes at the same time and more often than not, there will be some locations where the seasons are fabulous. Some places the weather is very predictable and the forecast is right on the dot. Where as in other places the weather is extremely unpredictable. We as humans are so often comfortable with a known routine. It is something that enables us to lose the edge. An edge that enables the ability for the mind to be creative and makes it very easy to detect patterns and flourish with the availability of uncertainty. Life as we know it mimics what it explores in the nature. As modern humans we tend to lose focus on the…
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MUSE-tastic MUSE-perience

This Sunday was probably the most awesome in the longest while. I attended my very first Live performance in a concert setting. Yes I've attended other concerts which are know internationally like Junoon (but in my opinion it doesn't count). The only one I can count is Nysnc in 99. Thanks Khang for the awesome experience at Muse as I call it Museperience!!
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Gain confidence as a speaker

Communicate Effectively, Lifestyle
The Mind is a wonderful thing. It starts to work the minute you are born, and never stops until you get up to speak in public. - John Mason Brown More than on opinion survey has shown that speaking before a group is our number one lifetime fear. But although it may afflict you much like a disease, you can overcome stage fright. Here are a few steps on how you can overcome this fear: Accept podium anxiety as a motivating force that even the most talented performers experience. Prepare so completely that your expert knowledge makes you feel invulnerable and unstoppable. Study your audience so thoroughly that you are sure you know how to push their "hot buttons" Rehearse your presentation from the very lectern in the very room…
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