Children are the Future

Today I discovered very disturbing news through my cousins. He pointed me to a tweet by Danya Williams that mentioned:

SHARE please be aware and very cautious of what your child watches on YouTube and KIDS YOUTUBE. There is a thing called “Momo” that’s instructing kids to kill themselves, turn stoves on while everyone is sleep and even threatening to kill the children if they tell their parents.

Danya Williams

This is absolutely disturbing and supremely disgusting. I intentionally did not embed the tweet here as the image grab from the tweet is something I can never get out of my head.

So we started chatting in the group and my cousin mentioned how there’s a huge problem on YouTube and in an article published on Wired UK talks about how a network of pedophiles is hiding in plain sight on YouTube and YouTube/Google is doing nothing to censor this information.

One of my cousins mentioned, “Sometimes I want to move to an island and hunt and gather.” I responded well you can still do that, but we all can’t live on an island, disconnected from each other.

Human beings are social animals, because we love to connect and enjoy each others conversations, some more than others.

But as parents, we need to make a stance and simply control the content and media our children are exposed to. Limit time to 30 minutes max to a select few items that you’ve already monitored and vetted. We also need to spend more time with our children as that is all they’re looking for.

Then he mentioned that he does want to get rid of his Television. To which I claimed well that’s quite honorable but we still have our phones which access those same media. Handing the phones to kids is a bad habit that we all do, simply to have some time to ourselves and we’re all to blame for it.

The biggest reason behind it (handing the iPhones or iPads over to our kids) is because that’s super easy to do.

The one thing that is constant in our lives is the 9-5 mentality. And when we’re home after 5/6/7pm we just want to do nothing because we’re so tired from the usage of our minds.

We simply then put things off for the weekend, and when the weekend comes we’re either driving to someone’s house or going out for groceries or other errands.

We grow up learning about how life is meant to be devised into separate sections. Between work and life and everything else.

I think the television needs a separate room to itself with lock and key.. and not be in the family room, this way we can control when it is being consumed.

Regardless we need to spend more time with our kids and teach them good moral lessons by being those examples.

What do you think should be done? Would love some comments below.

Advice from 41 year old me to 21 year old me

Advice from 41 year old me to 21 year old me

I’m sure you’ve already heard the phrase ‘Time Flies…’ Well I’m certain and it sure does! I know you’ve just made a major move in your life. Having graduated from high school and moving to completely different country and totally new people. Lucky for you though most of the people you’re going to encounter are related to you in one way or another.

“Two people holding cups of coffee while seated opposite to each other at a round table” by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

You’ll get advice from a lot of people, mostly uncles and aunts. One thing you want to make sure is to keep in touch with your parents. Find a way to talk to them on a weekly basis, if not daily (since you’re moving away from your parents and siblings).


Seasons of Change

The world experiences seasons through out the year, each hemisphere is basically alternating the seasonal changes at the same time and more often than not, there will be some locations where the seasons are fabulous. Some places the weather is very predictable and the forecast is right on the dot. Where as in other places the weather is extremely unpredictable. We as humans are so often comfortable with a known routine. It is something that enables us to lose the edge. An edge that enables the ability for the mind to be creative and makes it very easy to detect patterns and flourish with the availability of uncertainty. Life as we know it mimics what it explores in the nature.

As modern humans we tend to lose focus on the most important thing that nature teaches us. Change is the only Constant. We love to drive our cars, using the same route everyday, sitting through the same traffic, and impressively tackling the same issues day-in, day-out. We forget that to excel and achieve greatness we have to move on and challenge our minds, live on the edge and staying out of our comfort zones. Because the day we start getting comfortable in a position, in a routine well versed, we start to do the same things everyday, we start to feel that something missing. We can’t quite put a finger on that which is missing, but our gut knows that either something will happen or a big change is certainly around the corner.

In a very excellent book that I read a few months ago, it talked about Cheese, and the title of the book “Who Moved My Cheese?” It talks about an Amazing analogy of how to deal with change in the work-place and home-life. It has a very positive way of thinking about cheese that was moved.

So instead of getting comfortable, living on the edge and out of the comfort-zone is the best way to master your own-self.

Seasons bring the same experience as losing a comfortable spot in the sun, it might be very sunny and hot one day and stormy and gloomy the other, the rapid changes in weather also cause sinuses and allergies in humans. We look at the shrubs and the trees as they change colors and lose the leaves. A company can be regarded as the tree and the workers of the company can be regarded as the leaves which literally change every year. This makes it absolutely impossible to count the blessings on the tree to keep the same leaf around for longer period of time. Since the leaf can only provide so much photosynthesis.

The leaf does for the tree, which the tree cannot do for itself, and hence it hires several leaves. It trains them and teaches them what needs to be done. In this Life you want to pay yourself first by being at your best performance, and deliver the ultimate productivity that you can.