Dark Matter

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Excellent article over at Medium by Justin Barber Talks about our obsession, nay addiction with technology and the millions of screens available at our disposal, and what they all mean. It starts by realizing our problem with technology isn’t between us and our devices, it’s between you and me: we’re not addicted to our phones, we’re addicted to people. -Justin Barber Source: The Dark Matter of Screens - Part 1
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Color Accessibility – The Pocket Guide

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What is Color Accessibility? It's a condition faced by 5% of the entire population in the world, we should design with taking into account that these folks won't be able to see the vision we're trying to display with our creations. Geri from HelloGeri.com created this awesome pocket guide to help designers create designs that are accessible for people with colorblindness. Get your copy here! http://hellogeri.com/blog/view/now_available_pocket_guide_to_colour_accessibility It's just a few bucks and will take you a long way in creating accessible designs.
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Gain confidence as a speaker

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The Mind is a wonderful thing. It starts to work the minute you are born, and never stops until you get up to speak in public. - John Mason Brown More than on opinion survey has shown that speaking before a group is our number one lifetime fear. But although it may afflict you much like a disease, you can overcome stage fright. Here are a few steps on how you can overcome this fear: Accept podium anxiety as a motivating force that even the most talented performers experience. Prepare so completely that your expert knowledge makes you feel invulnerable and unstoppable. Study your audience so thoroughly that you are sure you know how to push their "hot buttons" Rehearse your presentation from the very lectern in the very room…
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