New Music on the Horizon

I’ve been listening to some new music lately and I’m loving it. Here is a list of the songs that I’ve favorited in the past couple of weeks.

Guns N'Roses - Chinese Democracy

Starting with the infamous Guns N’Roses new album “Chinese Democracy” is an interesting listen, with their track “I.R.S” it is a new and spectacular look at how we’re viewed as citizens of the world. Then the song “Street of Dreams” brings the classic musical elements from their popular tracks such as November Rain with an intro consisting of piano. Overall I’ll give this album a 4.5 stars out of 6 (yes my rating ssytem is different). The album brings back memories of classis hard rock and ride is an amazing rollercoaster one. Read more “New Music on the Horizon”

Let Me Go

One more kiss could be the best thing One more lie could be the worst And all these thoughts are never resting And you’re not something I deserve In my head there’s only you now … Continue reading Let Me Go

Makes Me Wonder

[Verse] I wake up with blood-shot eyes Struggled to memorize The way it felt between your thighs Pleasure that made you cry Feels so good to be bad Not worth the aftermath, after that After … Continue reading Makes Me Wonder

Love Hurts

Incubus – Love Hurts Tonight we drink to youth And holding fast to truth I don’t want to lose what I had as a boy My heart still has a beat But love is now … Continue reading Love Hurts


Song by: Incubus on Album: A Crow Left of the Murder I hear you on the radio You permeate my screen Its’ unkind, but if I met you in a scissor fight I’d cut off … Continue reading Megalomaniac


I’m holding on your rope Got me ten feet off the ground And I’m hearing what you say But I just can’t make a sound You tell me that you need me Then you go … Continue reading Apologize


Death Cab for Cutie – Plans If I could open my arms And span the length of the isle of Manhattan I’d bring it to where you are Making a lake of the East River … Continue reading Plan

Linkin Park Like

I love Linkin Park’s music, they’ve inspired a lot of bands out there, and one of my favorite song these days is “End of The World” by Armor For Sleep it is on the Transformers … Continue reading Linkin Park Like