Elements of US

Design Thinking, Visual Design
  The United States with all of the states marked up with the regions they belong to along with their Capitals as well as the date they were added to the Union. Enjoy! Feel free to come up with your own versions on top of this, Download the Sketch version of this file Elements of US
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Photoshop CC 2015 vs Sketch 3.3.2

News, Software, User Experience, Visual Design, Web Design
Adobe just announced an updated suite for the Creative Cloud subscribers with enhanced applications and added functionality. Those with creative cloud subscription will automatically get the updates along with the ability to keep older versions or simply replace them. A lot of the designers and developers were moving away from Adobe Fireworks and Photoshop in recent years due to Adobe not giving us updates for Fireworks and it's vast ability to do something that UX designers and designers in general loved; Pages! Yes each page could be a standalone page and have the ability to share assets from other pages. With Fireworks getting stuck in 32-bit java code world, we all started looking to alternatives, Bohemian Coding created Sketch from the ground up as a 64-bit application for OS X…
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Boards are my new friends from Trello

  Discovered trello when I was looking through my Twitter feed and saw a product road map for a popular application. They had just launched a new version of their application and Trello helped them organize lists and tasks across a design/development team. I plan on using it to help me organize the several tasks and things I need to get done for a project that I'm working on. Here in this article are the basic building blocks for a board, detailing collaboration and such.   Getting Started with Trello Source: Board Basics | Getting Started with Trello
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5 things to consider when launching your first app

Apple, Programming, Software, Solutions
Excellent article by Maximilian Hennebach on launching your first app. I accidentally sent all app downloads a push notification. This was right at midnight on the east coast, so I felt very bad for any people who may have been disturbed. If it was me, I’d be pissed. Source: 5 things I learned launching my first iOS app | Sketchapp TV Blog | 365 files. One file a day. | Free Sketch 3 Premium Files & Resources
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PR and Paid Media Distribution Need Each Other

News, Solutions
My longtime friend Saeed Zaman was one of the panelist at this PR panel discussion talking about some really cool stuff. PR is one on for leveraging high demand SEO and is been around for a while, it's designed to create a friendly and effective relationship.   But I'll let the experts do the explanation! PR professionals should no longer fear paid media, it is a powerful marketing tool to get more views and reach more people. Source: Why PR and Paid Media Distribution Need Each Other | Cision
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Simple Inventions go a long way

Genius, Random, Solutions
We all love our inventions and like to keep them as pure as possible. After all simplicity in a product takes you a long way. sprinkling a perfect inventions with useless features destroys the one thing you didn't say no to. Comic Strip Series - Wally Invents the two-handled coffee mug Source: Wally Invents the two-handled coffee mug | Dilbert by Scott Adams
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Sketch vs Fireworks (Fight!)

Software, Solutions, Visual Design, Web Design
After using Adobe's Fireworks (Initially Macromedia Fireworks) for over 15 years to design websites, mobile apps, logos, envelopes, and everything under the sun. I've decided to switch over the Sketch 3 (I know it seems like I waited on Sketch 2, it's cause I didn't know Sketch existed.) Used Adobe Fireworks entirely to design some remarkable apps for both iPhone and iPads (including retina) and faced at least 10 crashes a day (mainly because Fireworks is still a 32-bit application running on top of Java 6); and Adobe decided to kill all efforts to update it like they've continued to advance the versions of Photoshop and Illustrator (both good tools as you'll read in the article below) Meng To does an excellent job in comparing the applications available in the…
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Dark Matter

Communicate Effectively, Lifestyle, Solutions
Excellent article over at Medium by Justin Barber Talks about our obsession, nay addiction with technology and the millions of screens available at our disposal, and what they all mean. It starts by realizing our problem with technology isn’t between us and our devices, it’s between you and me: we’re not addicted to our phones, we’re addicted to people. -Justin Barber Source: The Dark Matter of Screens - Part 1
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