#500, a milestone for some

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Biking, Lifestyle

It was 2018, and Gary Vee told me to document my journey. No matter what it is, the story will reveal itself.

It just so happened that I had just finished my beekeeping course and was waiting for the bees to arrive.

A light bulb 💡 in my head lit up with my friend told me to talk about Queen Beena’s first episode on my podcast.

After brewing these ideas and stacking experiences on top of each other, finishing solutions for others and discovering ways to reduce the friction.

It was time to record the first episode to talk about Queen Bee. Now the queen bee my friend mentioned was a hint towards the infamous and remarkable Beyoncé, but also very relevant as this podcast was going to be a documenting experiment about my beekeeping.

Fast forward ⏩ one year of talking to myself, being consistently inconsistent, and managing to make it past 68 episodes on the podcast, I had managed to learn and created solo podcast episodes all around beekeeping, cycling, filmmaking, and every hobby that I had tried under the moon.

It started to get boring because I realized I wasn’t growing fast enough. I then pivoted to see if there was anyone out there looking to talk to me and make this podcast into an interview style. I was reluctant at first but I ended up asking some close friends and like-minded folks that I admired.

Having these deep conversations and learning the stories of others taught me a very valuable lesson.

There’s more to people, there’s more to stories, there’s more to life, entrepreneurship, friendships, and well so much more. These conversations and interviews kept me going.

I learned from others how to put systems in place that made my life easy, I trained others to lend me a hand and provide them with a living and take some of my time back.

I sponsored my cycling team, I sponsored events, I spoke at events, I guested on a ton of shows and all of this just happened to be something that helped me grow along the way.

The journey has been long and it’s been the destination, there’s still so much more to learn and so much more to automate, more to train and teach.

The struggles and challenges I went through enabled me to open doors that I couldn’t have imagined to be possible.

I’m ever so thankful to my amazing wife for supporting my dream of being a podcaster and getting this far.

There’s life and then there’s a life of curiosity. 

There’s life and then there’s a life of purpose. 

There’s life and then there’s a life of servitude.

What you do with yours is completely in your hands and no one can tell you that it’s too late to start something you’ve been dreaming of.

2018 was a turning point because I turned 42 that year. And 42 like you all know is the ultimate answer to the questions of the universe.

That for me was the moment when I knew it was time to start something I had been waiting to get back into for almost 6 years.

See I had a podcastthat I started with my cousin and brother-in-law back in 2012 and we called it “Still Brewing-It” there was even a time that we called it 3BG (3 brown guys) lol.

The timing, the timezones and willingness to give this a shot was not 300% (we all get 100% responsibility) and when that happens you cannot really keep things moving forward.

Reading the books Crush It in 2016-2017 and Crushing It in 2018 really helped me get in the mode of putting all the pieces together. 

I’m approaching Episode #500 it’s not the 500th episode (I’m still shy of 32 episodes to get to 500 actual episodes. But it’s still a HUGE accomplishment and a ton of work went into creating this legacy. This is something no one takes away from me and even if these episodes were to disappear from the internet catalog, what cannot be taken is the experiences, relationships, partnerships and lives that I’ve changed during this journey.

People ask me if I’ve monetized my podcast, I say yes, I’ve monetized by saving myself time and being able to read almost 400 books in the past 4 years 🙂

They ask me how I did it? Even though we all know the answer and as Chris Williams always says “Do The Work, Get the Result” We just have to get started.

I urge you to get started.

I request you to get moving.

I ask you to take massive action.

I implore you to find a way to fulfill the dream.

And if you need a cheerleader, a listening ear you can call on me. But you have to promise to not give up.

I had some amazing conversations this week and there’s so many more to have.

Here’s to 500 episodes on the podcast recorded. And 500 more on the way.

That’s easily over 500 hours of conversations, and growth and development, it’s not quite 10K yet, but I’m well on my way!

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my story. There’s more on the way 🙂 stay tuned.


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