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Thoughts are better when written out,
Here are some that help me with my journey through time.

Putting together a plan

Everyone needs a plan, either this plan is hashed out on the way to the result or you need to sit down and think through the plans you have in mind. I've had the honor to connect with hundreds of professionals in the last year, I've learned a lot from their stories...

Power of connections

Are you connecting with new people every day? Connecting with people on a daily basis, learning their story, learning their journey, it's all part of being human beings. The power of connection exponentially increases as you connect with more people daily. Today I had...

Children are the Future

Today I discovered very disturbing news through my cousins. He pointed me to a tweet by Danya Williams that mentioned: SHARE please be aware and very cautious of what your child watches on YouTube and KIDS YOUTUBE. There is a thing called “Momo” that’s instructing...

Keep on, Keepin’ on

The one thing we gotta remember is that the more you do the same thing, the better you'll get at it. And the more you have consistency behind it you'll certainly build that as a habit. Key is to do the new habit that you're trying to build accompanied with something...

Commitments are hard

Commitments are hard

When i made a commitment to write yesterday, I was certain that it was going to be easy. But that's what we do when we don't estimate all the other variables that we interact in life. Today we have to take our daughter to be seen by the family allergist and his office...

A commitment to write

I'm truly blessed to live in a world where I get the option to choose to do whatever drives my passion.I have the opportunity to meet and connect with so many fascinating people that are doing exactly what brings them happiness.I started a podcast last year, and it's...

Prime Day | Whole Foods Market

Do you shop for groceries? Of course you do! Well whole foods is offering $10 of Amazon gift card for $10 spent in their stores. So get out there and get some double money for your $10 bucks. Source: Prime Day | Whole Foods Market