Cutest Things

by | Jun 6, 2004 | Blogs & News, News

The cutest things in the world come in small cute packages, for instance, my cousins’ daughter Yusra. She is the most adorable thing in the world masha’Allah!

I cannot begin to explain how smart and beautiful she is. I was over at my aunt’s house and my cousin is visiting from Seattle, so as soon as the door opened there was Yusra standing and she goes “hi, mamoo” with so much joy smilingly it was a good feeling, and of course I smiled back. and then she goes “aye mamoo, come on!” masha’Allah you have to see this adorable child.

She is going to be 2 yrs old this june 25th, time has passed by so fast, I just remember her coming to this world not too long ago, not to mention I remember being 18… or do I? nonethe-less its been 10yrs already. Anyhow thats it for now.


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