Greenlights something we love in life and road

by | Nov 26, 2021 | Lifestyle

I bought the book Greenlights recently, maybe a couple of months ago even-though I’d been eyeing it for over a year, when the book came out October 20,2020.

Matthew McConaughey went on tour and how I discovered the book, I even tried to contact him through Instagram about studio setup, little that I knew that he’s been recording and shooting films for years before I even touched a camera.

Here’s the message I sent him over a year ago and finally reading(listening) to the book.

The book isn’t much long to read since it’s 300 pages, read and performed splendidly by Matthew for a good 6 hours 20 odd minutes. That’s been an amazing experience thus far.

Learning about someone from their own mind is something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed specially when I last read Kevin Hart’s book.

The thing I really love are the bumper stickers, note to self, prescriptions he mentions after each revelation from the story.

The mentioning of greenlight at each passing of a paragraph is also something I look forward to and think deeply myself what the story meant.

The deeper the story goes, the clearer the messages are, the more relatable the experience becomes as I walk my path and life.

I’ve gotta go back to the book and write down some of the anecdotes mentioned in the book to help me guide my own life.

The importance of introspection throughout his life gave him clarity when he needed it, keeping journals, learning from oneself what it means has been something else entirely., it was Matthew’s way of cleansing his mind and soul of the past and embracing the future.

I absolutely loved his stories of life on the road, and how ironic that I too listened to the book while driving.

Thanks for listening, I’ve got another two hours to finish reading the book, I’ll update as I go this post.

If you haven’t gotten a copy to the book, I recommend it!


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