How to be consistent

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Blogs & News

It’s so hard to be consistent, but I’m getting a hang of it, atleast I like to think so.

I think the idea is to take the time away from your day and decide to be consistent in doing the one thing that is boring and relentlessly write and get the word down on the paper.

The difference between 200 crappy words than 500 -3000 golden words is that it is super hard to do consistently.

The idea behind bringing consistent content every day is to make sure that you keep doing this and writing daily.

Thank you for your time.

This inspiration comes from Seth Godin, as he’s been writing blogs since 2002 writing at least 1 blog a day. He’s calculated over 7000+ posts!

Not to discount the 18 books he’s written.

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