How to Walk Tall

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Naturally, we are talking about having self-confidence. Confidence is defined as a mental process that arises from considering if a person or thing is capable of something. So, self-confidence is having the knowledge that you are capable of something. Most people actually underestimate themselves even when they really are capable of the task they are attempting which can affect many things. This could prevent you from getting a job or promotion or it could affect you performance. Here are some tips on how to improve your confidence so you can walk tall.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging



Step One

Understanding Skills and Talents: Understand what you are capable of. Skills are things that you have been trained to do. If you have been properly trained in a field then you can have confidence in performing tasks in the field. Remember that skills can always be refined so know your limits and continue to work on your skills. Also, it’s important to remember that your skills do not validate your actions. Know the limit of your skills so you know when to have confidence.

If you have natural talent, you can have confidence, but know your limits. For instance, a piano player with confidence in his natural talent may find weakness in his performance due to lack of training. Often people lack confidence when they have natural talent for fear of failure. A great way to gain confidence is through professional development or in this case, piano lessons.


Step Two

Emotional Confidence: This can be difficult. Realize that if you place your confidence in your emotions, they will change on a daily basis. Instead, try to ground your confidence in solid fact. Consider the circumstances in which you require confidence and then consider what skills and talents you have to perform those actions. These are the facts and they will not change like your emotions.


Step Three

Physical Confidence: Many people are self conscious about the way they look, talk, smell, etc. The answer is again to ground this confident in fact. If you put on a nice outfit, take care of your hygiene and prepare yourself in any other ways possible to present yourself in a way that is socially acceptable, then you will be accepted and there is no reason to lack confidence. Most people will have a different level of physical confidence based on their emotional confidence so be sure to consider the facts. If the facts don’t provide confidence then you may need to consider change in order to achieve that confidence.


Step Four

Spiritual Confidence: Spiritual confidence comes from knowing that what you believe is fact and building you confidence from that perspective .Personally, I choose Christianity to place my spiritual confidence because the religion itself is founded on facts; real people and places that are proven by history to have existed. Additional facts can be found by studying the bible and applying it. The faith that comes from the fact is what builds spiritual confidence. Spirituality based on emotion is not fact and therefore cannot provide confidence.


Step Five

Perseverance: The important thing to remember is that confidence does not come over night. It takes time whether you are trying to adapt to focusing on fact vs. emotion or learning and practicing skills and talents.


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