Live Streaming for Small Businesses: How to Boost Your Local Brand Online

by | Mar 26, 2023 | Digital Presence, Solutions

As a small business owner, you know how important it is to promote your brand and attract new customers. In today’s digital age, one of the most effective ways to do this is through live streaming. In this post, we’ll explore how live streaming can help small businesses thrive and provide practical examples and tips for showcasing your local brand online.

Why Live Streaming is Beneficial for Small Businesses

Live streaming offers several benefits for small businesses, including increased visibility, improved engagement, cost-effective marketing, real-time feedback, increased trust and authenticity, networking opportunities, and the ability to adapt to the digital age.

How Live Streaming Can Help Showcase Your Local Brand

There are several different ways that small businesses can use live streaming to showcase their products and services, including:

Business Showcase: Host a live stream where you showcase one small business at a time. This can include interviews, product demos, and Q&A sessions with the business owner.

Q&A Session: Host a live Q&A session with small business owners. This provides a valuable opportunity for viewers to learn more about the businesses in your network group and ask questions about their products, services, and operations.

Product Demonstrations: Showcase specific products or services from small businesses in your network group. This is a great way to highlight the unique offerings of each business and give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how products are made.

Expert Panel: Host a live stream with a panel of experts from different industries. Invite small business owners to join the panel and share their insights and experiences.

Collaborative Event Coverage: Host a live stream from a collaborative event involving small businesses in your network group. This is a great way to showcase businesses in action and provide viewers with an immersive experience.

Tips for Successful Live Streaming

To make the most of your live-streaming efforts, consider the following tips:

Plan ahead: Determine the purpose and format of your live stream in advance, and ensure that you have all the necessary equipment and resources.

Promote your live stream: Use social media and other marketing channels to promote your live stream and attract a wider audience.

Engage with your audience: Encourage viewers to participate in the live stream by asking questions, soliciting feedback, and responding to comments.

Follow up after the live stream: Use email marketing and other channels to follow up with viewers after the live stream, providing additional information and promoting future events.

Practical Examples:

Here are some practical examples of how live streaming can be used to highlight small businesses in the real world:

Business Showcase: The California Market Center

The California Market Center is a massive fashion showroom located in Los Angeles, California. With over 1.8 million square feet of space, it’s home to hundreds of fashion and design brands. During the pandemic, the CMC has turned to live streaming to showcase its tenants and highlight its products. Their live streams feature interviews with designers, product demos, and behind-the-scenes looks at the fashion industry.

Q&A Session: The Local Community on Instagram Live

The Local Community is a network of small businesses in the Washington, D.C. area. They regularly host live Q&A sessions on their Instagram page, inviting small business owners to share their experiences and answer questions from viewers. These sessions provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities facing small business owners and help to build a sense of community among the businesses in the network.

Product Demonstrations: The Social Range

The Social Range is a cocktail bar and event space located in Atlanta, Georgia. During the pandemic, they’ve turned to live streaming to showcase their products and services. Their live streams feature product demonstrations, cocktail recipes, and behind-the-scenes looks at their operations. By showcasing its unique offerings in a fun and engaging way, The Social Range has been able to attract new customers and build a loyal following online.

Expert Panel: The Small Business Festival

The Small Business Festival is an annual event in Victoria, Australia that celebrates and supports small businesses. During the festival, they host a series of live streams featuring expert panels on topics like marketing, finance, and innovation. These panels feature small business owners, industry experts, and government officials, providing valuable insights and networking opportunities for attendees.

Collaborative Event Coverage: Art & Design Walk

The Art & Design Walk is an annual event in Palm Springs, California that showcases the city’s vibrant art and design scene. During the event, local businesses and galleries collaborate to host art shows, performances, and other activities. To highlight the event and the businesses involved, the organizers have turned to live-streaming. Their live streams provide virtual tours of the galleries and businesses, interviews with artists and designers, and behind-the-scenes looks at the event.

Live streaming provides small businesses with a powerful tool to reach audiences online and showcase their products and services. From product demos to expert panels to virtual tours, there is a wide range of live-streaming formats that can be used to highlight small businesses in the real world. By leveraging the power of live streaming, small businesses can connect with new customers, build loyalty, and thrive in an increasingly digital world.


Here are some benefits that live streaming can provide for local businesses:

  1. Increased visibility: Live streaming can help to increase the visibility of local businesses by reaching wider audiences online. This can lead to more website traffic, social media followers, and potential customers.

  2. Improved engagement: Live streaming provides a more interactive and engaging way to showcase products and services, allowing businesses to connect with their audiences on a deeper level. This can lead to increased brand loyalty and repeat customers.

  3. Cost-effective marketing: Live streaming is often more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods, such as print or TV advertising. It requires minimal equipment and can be done with a smartphone, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

  4. Opportunity for real-time feedback: Live streaming provides an opportunity for businesses to receive real-time feedback from their audiences. This can help businesses to identify areas for improvement and make changes to their products or services based on customer feedback.

  5. Increased trust and authenticity: Live streaming provides an opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and services in an authentic and transparent way. This can help to build trust with audiences and establish a positive reputation for the business.

  6. Networking opportunities: Live streaming can provide networking opportunities for local businesses, allowing them to connect with other businesses and potential partners in their community.

  7. Adapting to the digital age: Live streaming helps businesses to adapt to the changing landscape of marketing and promotion in the digital age. By embracing new technologies and strategies, businesses can stay competitive and relevant in their industry


In conclusion, live streaming provides small businesses with a powerful tool to showcase their products and services online, increase visibility, and engage with their audience in a more authentic way. By using different live streaming formats, such as business showcases, product demonstrations, expert panels, Q&A sessions, and collaborative event coverage, small businesses can connect with new customers, build loyalty, and adapt to the changing landscape of marketing in the digital age. Moreover, live streaming is cost-effective, and provides networking opportunities, and real-time feedback, making it an essential tool for small businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital world. With these practical examples and tips, small business owners can use live streaming to showcase their local brands and grow their businesses online.


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