On Judgementalism

by | Jun 13, 2004 | Blogs & News, News

Is judgementalism second-nature?

Judgementalism just might be second-nature of man and is the worst form of Idolatry:(the worship of idols) because of its nature of mean-mindedness, tight control, narrow definitions and slander both insidious and outright.

And to judge others is to playce oneself about God. The act of hurling accusations has cause more heartache, dissention, disease and destruction within.

One common problem with being too eager to judge others is that we often conclude too quickly and fail to understand the other person from a humanitarian perspective. It is this failing to consider another person and their life that makes judgementalism so disastrous in the field of human relationships. If we don’t attempt to understand other’s lives then we are unlikely to be able to appreciate them as they are. We often project our own inner psychological landscape upon others.

and can we ever really get rid of it?

Yes ofcourse each and every feeling that a human feels can be overcome and eventually eliminated and to do so it to purify oneself in the selflessness and from the teachings of our religion and the basic humanitarian principles that we are taught by our elderly, scholarly individuals. We would have to challange the mindstate of judgementalism to think: May All Beings Be Happy. That is again the best course of action.

Another way is educate ourselves in the understanding the person victim of our judgementalism.


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