Advice from 41 year old me to 21 year old me

Advice from 41 year old me to 21 year old me

I’m sure you’ve already heard the phrase ‘Time Flies…’ Well I’m certain and it sure does! I know you’ve just made a major move in your life. Having graduated from high school and moving to completely different country and totally new people. Lucky for you though most of the people you’re going to encounter are related to you in one way or another.

“Two people holding cups of coffee while seated opposite to each other at a round table” by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

You’ll get advice from a lot of people, mostly uncles and aunts. One thing you want to make sure is to keep in touch with your parents. Find a way to talk to them on a weekly basis, if not daily (since you’re moving away from your parents and siblings).


DIY: How to Build a Hanging Bike Rack @

I’m always looking for creative ways to use space and hang bikes. Well, I don’t have a lot of bikes, but do have more than one. Found this great article and a DIY on how to save my self some space and hang/store my bikes.

Pretty awesome way. Of course, would have to see if I can still park the car in the garage after hanging the bike.

Take a look at for this cool Idea!

Source: DIY: How to Build a Hanging Bike Rack – Singletracks Mountain Bike News

Indoor Cyclist Roller Dream

Indoor Cyclist Roller Dream

As the 2017 biking season ends for the east-coast we all gotta run home and bike indoors to keep the fitness up and level up for next year. Training is the key to keep those legs strong and growing!

Ran into Clan Knox Cycle They posted a project that’ll get you rolling without much issue!

Clan Knox Roller Bed

They’ve also provided simple instructions! Wood and Steel

Wood Pieces

Wood Pieces

  1. Plywood 1″ 36″ x 9″ 2x – Sande Premium Plywood @homedepot
  2. Plywood 1″ 36″ x 41″ 1x
  3. Plywood 1″ 22.5″ x 9″ 2x
  4. 2×4 36″ 4x – 2×4 Premium Whitewood @homedepot
  5. 2×4 4.5″ 4x
  6. Black Door Hinge 2x – 3-1/2″ Black Door Hinge @homedepot

Steel Parts

Steel Parts

  1. Steel Pipe 1″ 24″ 2x – Black Steel Pipe 24″ @homedepot
  2. Steel Pipe 1″ 36″ 2x – Black Steel Pipe 36″ @homedepot
  3. 90 degree connector 4x – 1″ Black 90-Degree Elbow @homedepot
  4. Floor Flange 1″ 4x – 1″ Black Floor Flange @homedepot

Wood Cuts

For the wood pieces, homedepot or Lowes can do the cuts for you at 25 cents per cut.

Get 1x Sande Plywood 4ft x 8ft and have it cut into 1x 36×41″ 2x 36×9″ and 2x 22.5×9″. You will be left with a lot of left over pieces but that is the cheapest way to get the perfect cuts.

Get 2x 2×4′ make sure that they piece you get is straight. Start with the 2x 36″ cuts from each and then get the 4.5″ pieces from the remaining.


Follow the images above to layout your pieces and mark them for easy assembly. You’ll also want to get 1-1/2″ to 2″ wood screws. Make sure to pre-drill before putting the screw through the wood or you can also get self-drilling screws to speed up the process.

Assemble the metal parts and measure the proper location for the Floor Flange that’ll connect the metal assembly.

Post Assembly

After you assemble your roller bed, make sure to pain the bed/wood portion with some water/sweat resistant paint, here is Rust-Oleum Truck Bed paint

Enjoy your ride!

How-To: Train the Most Important Core Muscles for Cycling

How-To: Train the Most Important Core Muscles for Cycling

Recently I got more serious about bicycling and it’s not a joke! It definitely takes a lot out of you especially when you have to attack a climb. has a great post on which muscles form the foundation for a biking body.

Don’t let a weak core frustrate all the hard work your legs do on the bike. Here’s how to make those important trunk muscles strong.

Source: How-To: Train the Most Important Core Muscles for Cycling | Bicycling

Mario now on iOS

Mario now on iOS

Announced today at the Apple Event, Nintendo chose to bring Mario to iOS.


New Battle Mode, where you can compete with other users around the world!


‘Longest’ Muslim holy month of Ramadan in 33 years begins – BBC News

The month of Ramadan started June 6th 2016 for the Hijri year 1437. We have dawn starting at 4am and sunset/dusk around 830pm.

Some of the longer fasting for sure! All prayers go out to those in areas that observe the long 19 hour days!

Muslims in the UK could be left fasting for 19 hours a day, as the holy month of Ramadan coincides with the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere.

Source: ‘Longest’ Muslim holy month of Ramadan in 33 years begins – BBC News