Sketch vs Fireworks (Fight!)

by | Apr 28, 2015 | Digital Presence, Software, Solutions, Technology, Visual Design, Web Design

After using Adobe’s Fireworks (Initially Macromedia Fireworks) for over 15 years to design websites, mobile apps, logos, envelopes, and everything under the sun. I’ve decided to switch over the Sketch 3 (I know it seems like I waited on Sketch 2, it’s cause I didn’t know Sketch existed.)

Used Adobe Fireworks entirely to design some remarkable apps for both iPhone and iPads (including retina) and faced at least 10 crashes a day (mainly because Fireworks is still a 32-bit application running on top of Java 6); and Adobe decided to kill all efforts to update it like they’ve continued to advance the versions of Photoshop and Illustrator (both good tools as you’ll read in the article below)

Meng To does an excellent job in comparing the applications available in the market.

Fireworks.. still not vector

A comparison between Adobe Fireworks, Sketch and Photoshop, and why Sketch is the perfect tool for user interface design.

Source: Sketch VS Fireworks


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