Steve Jobs’ 11 success principles.

by | Oct 15, 2010 | Apple, Lifestyle, Technology

In a recent interview with John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple, said that it was a big mistake making him the CEO back in 1985, because the board thought Steve Jobs was too young to be the CEO. Sculley still to this day admits that he had no idea about computers, and that he used Steve Job’s philosophy to carry on the company.

He also shared with us the success principles that Steve Jobs strives on for each and every product.

Here they are:
1. beautiful design;
2. customer experience;
3. no focus groups;
4. perfectionism;
5. vision;
6. minimalism;
7. hire the best;
8. sweat the details;
9. keep it small;
9. reject bad work;
10. perfection and
11. systems thinker.

After looking at this list and comparing each and every product that has come from the cupertino campus shows signs of these principles applied.

Number 3 stands out because leaders don’t ask the public what they want. They tell them.


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