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by | Sep 22, 2004 | Blogs & News, News

So I go about writing new stuff, but what is it really about? I don’t know I’ve just got a lot of stuff on my mind and I want to arrange it in digestable pieces but ofcourse that never happens. So what we get is a big chunk and well i dont want to get into that cause its rather a funky analogy.

Anyways, I was listening to TR again and it was “Power of Negative Thinking” yeah it makes you think wait a second isn’t negative thinking something that we want to avoid? Yes ofcourse we do, but we need to know the powers that negative thinking has over our daily lives and how it destroys dreams and aspirations. But if we know it well we can defeat this enemy of ours with a lot of ease. And hence this CD talks about the pros and cons of Negative Thinking, you say pros? well ofcourse it has its pros. I’d have to go back and listen to the CD again since thats one of the things we gotta do, read, repeat and then read again.

Today I had kind of a busy day, I dropped by my chiropractor and he adjusted me up but I still feel a lot of tension and pain between my shoulders, I don’t know what to do but to wait it out. And in the News today, Cingular is planning on releasing the Push-To-Talk technology for its customers mid-october which is actually very exciting and scary, because it will give 50 million cingular customers to directly connect to everyone else instantaneously, now I dont know how amazing this technology is suppose to be, but we’ll get to see that also.

Sprint and Nextel finally together which was kind of a stupid thing to do, but sure Nextel has a lot of business users even though I’ve read on this on big-rig how Nextel’s nationwide service did not work of this specific customer, plus Nextel uses TDMA technology, which is one of the oldest ones around. Now if Verizon had purchased Sprint it would be an amazing combination since both companies use CDMA technology on their networks. Just like Cingular bought At&t; Wireless and became the largest cellular phone company in the world with the most users and at the time it was 47 million, now its 50 million, and growing.

I’m kinda stuck in a pickle because I got myself At&t; Wireless’s charter plan which gives me unlimited anytime minutes for only 99 bucks plus taxes and other features. And ofcourse no other company has this plan anymore since it was a special offer provided by at&t when they jumped into the GSM market. They originally used some sort of CDPD or TDMA technology before, anyways its the perfect plan but ofcourse I hate the service because each call takes me about 3-4 redials to finish a conversation, sometimes I go on for hours without losing a connection. Anyways when it all comes down I know that I have an awesome plan.

Moving on, lets wrap it up for the day, I’ll share more tomorrow.


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