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The very first full-frame mirrorless by Canon

The very first full-frame mirrorless by Canon

Rumor Has It

The news of the very first mirror-less camera by Canon hit the newsstands back in 2018. Rumors of this device had been flying around and being an avid Canon user, I was plugged into the CanonRumors website that follows all the places where they talk about gear around Canon as well as competing products.

I placed my order as soon as pre-orders were available starting in September 2018. Backtracking a bit here, I’d been dreaming of owning an EOS 5D MK2, then 5D MK3, and then finally the 5D MK4. But the more I learned about cameras and where the technology was going I decided to wait to see when Canon would release their version of the mirrorless.

The Competition Had it

Now mind you, Sony has had the Mirrorless scene all to itself with 4K recording in-camera, low-light performance, and all that jazz! But I wasn’t looking to switch over to a new platform and update all my gear. I’m a loyalist and stand by the quality Canon brings.

It was finally here

Canon EOS R came to the market on October 25th, 2018 and I received my package the same week. I was ecstatic! This was my first Mirrorless AND 4K (on a full-frame) camera. We’ve had 4K on GoPros, iPhones and DJI Osmos for a while now.

A new Camera system also means a brand new Lens Mount placing the lens even closer to the sensor. Here’s a look at how close the lens is from the sensor from Canon USA:

Flange Distance between Sensor and Lens

This meant that Canon had to create a brand new Lens mounting system as well. With the R system of cameras, Canon introduced the RF Mount with some really sharp glass.

How the Camera Held Up

On to how the Camera has done for me. The Canon EOS R has a full-frame and a 30.1 Megapixel sensor is similar to what’s found on the Canon EOS 5D MK4. The Dual Pixel-Auto Focus is amazing and with the latest firmware has Eye Tracking available too. Making my photos super crisp and sharp. It’s enabled me to capture some epic footage of people, animals, insects as well as portraits in the few years that I’ve owned it.

As Covid-19 hit all of us, I started to build-out my home studio and found that this beast was ready to rock without any hiccups. Since then I’ve added a second EOS R to give me multiple camera angles.

What’s happened since then

Since the launch of the Canon EOS R, Canon also introduced the EOS RP on March 14th, 2019 (a limited model) with a 24-megapixel sensor slower shutter speed at 1/4000s. A great starter camera for those that want to get a full-frame mirrorless by Canon. Then on July 9th, 2020 Canon released a camera that went past everything we had imagined about Canon. The Canon EOS R5 with the capability to capture 8K in-camera and a full-frame 44-megapixel sensor alongside the Canon EOS R6 with a 20-megapixel sensor.

Where you can get it:

The camera has been around for quite sometime and you can easily pick up from Amazon using this affiliate links

The Camera Bodies with RF Mount

RF Lenses, there’s a total of 19 RF lenses as of March 3rd 2021. But these lenses are my top pick and ones that I’ve had great experience with so far.

  • RF 24-105mm F4.0
  • RF 35mm F1.8 Macro IS STM

Some lenses that I’m looking to add to my arsenal:

  • RF 85mm F1.2L USM
  • RF 15-35mm F2.8 L IS USM

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Multiple Digg submitted articles solution.

Multiple Digg submitted articles solution.

Duplicate Digg PageYes we’ve all noticed multiple digg submitted articles, one from each site that would like to talk about the same topic, and they also make it to the digg frontpage. How about Digg merges all of the similar submitted links into one comment page. It would list the multiple stories on the same page with their different digg-submission times along with who submitted it and the ability to share or favorite or bury either or article. I know it seems kinda dumb, but this would mean we’ll be able to see more legit diverse stories of the front-page.

Here is a screen shot that I compiled using an existing story which is found on two separate websites.