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Make it a Habit

Make it a Habit

It’s been tough to write and post here on a daily basis, but like Seth Godin says it’s going to make you more creative than you already are.

How will it make me creative? Well by simply writing and getting the things out of my head onto paper or a blog is a great way to analyse my own thoughts and feelings

We forget to feel and express those feelings daily. Often scrolling through posts, apps, messages, groups, simply to find meaning or something that’ll ignite the fire to be creative or is it just to pass the time and help where we can.

It’s been 10 months since the last curated post here and there’s a ton of great points regarding siblings and how to communicate. And I haven’t been good at it at all.

I asked a question today on my FB, if folks that I know have a morning writing routine. I don’t have one and I plan to use this space to write down my thoughts.

I’ve been listening, responding and helping those around me that have asked the question.

I’ll sometimes ask questions and get an idea of what’s the lay if the land. But what I really need is a way to integrate all of my efforts to line up to the same direction.

I’ve learned a lot and I’ve implemented a lot as well. Time to keep building and creating is here.

Thanks for listening and contemplating with me.

What are we going to do tonight Pinky?

What are we going to do tonight Pinky?

If you haven’t heard of that phrase or watched a few episodes of the famous warner brothers tv show ‘Pinky and the Brain’ you’re totally missing out.

What’s really interesting about the show that stands out to me now more than ever is their relentless pursuit to take over the world.

In each episode Brain and Pinky two lab rats devise a plan that’ll help Brain run the world, their constant failures but then going at it again reminds me how many times we as humans need to persist and keep moving forward.

So today’s plan is to get back on the track to edit the backlogged episodes and keep moving forward.

I also learned a lot of new tips today that I didn’t k it in the beginning. And I think I can help others achieve their goals in building their personal brand as well as establish their authority.

What did you do today?