Technology Perspective and does it help to stick to a habit?

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Digital Presence

Habit-forming has always been something that’s been on my mind. Is it easy to form a new habit, does it take intention or massive motivation from an external element?

I’ve struggled to stick to a routine for writing, exercising, and flossing my teeth. It’s pretty challenging if you’ve got a ton of thoughts on your mind and always wondering what’s next. Today was a hectic day with back-to-back meetings, calls, live streams, and tech support. The tech support has shown me some of the repeat issues my clients face when setting up their home studios. It’s one thing to do it myself and set things up in person, but it’s another when instructing someone over the internet what they should be doing.

Things that come naturally to me as a techy person might be difficult for other folks to undertake.

Does having a high-tech solution help gain traction and accomplish a habit you might overlook? Yes. Because some things keep us distracted and stuck in an analysis of paralysis. Even though the more straightforward thing to do is to start, what we’re looking for is an external sign aligned with our mindset, where we are in life, and our level of research.

When we see a sign or are given permission to take action, it all falls into place. We start making the effort that we knew we already had. The unwillingness to stop desire starts to fade, and we move full speed toward our goal only to be tested again!



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