The Devil Inside

by | Jan 26, 2004 | Blogs & News, News

And when the night comes the devil awakens to roam the earth to feed on the souls that are awake indulged in sin. And when the day arrives the devils return to their hell back to sleep but what do we have here another army of sleeping devils walking in suits of blue and black and brown and they walk the streets carrying a paper a cup of coffee and a briefcase with ways to cheat and ideas to rot in the midst of the day.

Robbing the living blood out of your eyes, the night comes again and see these devils returning for more disturbance they suck the goodness of our dreams and make them nightmares and they sleep in our beds messing with our heads, and those who believe in their gods pray to their gods before they sleep and the devil cannot haunt them because they are protected from the devils of the night.

It’s dark and the city is evil and its all on the surface nothing is hidden anymore, the legs are longer than the skirts these days and the blouses are missing from the face of their back. The sky is blue and the bluest it can be and sun is bright and the rays reach us so we can smile and feel the life of the sun, and when we cannot feel the happiness in the rays of the sun, the sun warns us of the devils and the thoughts that run in our heads. What is love?

I don’t know love I just know that it is an illusion of utmost desire of something that you cannot have it is a taboo to even speak about true love because true love is not something you have but it is what you don’t have because if you had true love you wouldn’t know the difference between the real pain that love…

I don’t want to say what I was going to say. It is up to you what you can think of and this is what the story says. Love is a… you complete it… I don’t have the heart to complete that one either. I love myself and everything that I am. I have doubted my abilities to perform and deliver but I am better than that. I am super and I feel amazing, and I have the strength to complete anything and everything. But the night is dark and the devils are out so talk to your lord and you shall be protected by his angels.


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