The Gadget Boy…

by | Jun 1, 2004 | Lifestyle

Who is the gadget boy? the ultimate gadget boy is known to us as “Inspector Gadget’. He has gadgets installed all through-out his body, a remarkable idea, an achievement only possible in a movie or animation. A real-life gadget boy would have all gadgets available today, some prominent ones are as such: 

  • PDA plus Wi-Fi
  • GPS Navigation Device
  • Cell Phone with Camera & BlueTooth
  • BlueTooth headset
  • Portable/Wireless Speakers/Headphones
  • 30GB – 60GB MP3/Video Player
  • Digital Pen
  • Digital Dictionary/Translator
  • Scanner with Intelligent software

If you really think about the gadgets I’ve listed here, they can easily be combined into three or two devices. But all of these devices enable you to be everywhere in a corporate world. A gadget boy would need more than just corporate gadgets.

Do you know of any gadgets that I might be missing out? Feel free to comment!


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