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What are we going to do tonight Pinky?

What are we going to do tonight Pinky?

If you haven’t heard of that phrase or watched a few episodes of the famous warner brothers tv show ‘Pinky and the Brain’ you’re totally missing out.

What’s really interesting about the show that stands out to me now more than ever is their relentless pursuit to take over the world.

In each episode Brain and Pinky two lab rats devise a plan that’ll help Brain run the world, their constant failures but then going at it again reminds me how many times we as humans need to persist and keep moving forward.

So today’s plan is to get back on the track to edit the backlogged episodes and keep moving forward.

I also learned a lot of new tips today that I didn’t k it in the beginning. And I think I can help others achieve their goals in building their personal brand as well as establish their authority.

What did you do today?

Children are the Future

Today I discovered very disturbing news through my cousins. He pointed me to a tweet by Danya Williams that mentioned:

SHARE please be aware and very cautious of what your child watches on YouTube and KIDS YOUTUBE. There is a thing called “Momo” that’s instructing kids to kill themselves, turn stoves on while everyone is sleep and even threatening to kill the children if they tell their parents.

Danya Williams

This is absolutely disturbing and supremely disgusting. I intentionally did not embed the tweet here as the image grab from the tweet is something I can never get out of my head.

So we started chatting in the group and my cousin mentioned how there’s a huge problem on YouTube and in an article published on Wired UK talks about how a network of pedophiles is hiding in plain sight on YouTube and YouTube/Google is doing nothing to censor this information.

One of my cousins mentioned, “Sometimes I want to move to an island and hunt and gather.” I responded well you can still do that, but we all can’t live on an island, disconnected from each other.

Human beings are social animals, because we love to connect and enjoy each others conversations, some more than others.

But as parents, we need to make a stance and simply control the content and media our children are exposed to. Limit time to 30 minutes max to a select few items that you’ve already monitored and vetted. We also need to spend more time with our children as that is all they’re looking for.

Then he mentioned that he does want to get rid of his Television. To which I claimed well that’s quite honorable but we still have our phones which access those same media. Handing the phones to kids is a bad habit that we all do, simply to have some time to ourselves and we’re all to blame for it.

The biggest reason behind it (handing the iPhones or iPads over to our kids) is because that’s super easy to do.

The one thing that is constant in our lives is the 9-5 mentality. And when we’re home after 5/6/7pm we just want to do nothing because we’re so tired from the usage of our minds.

We simply then put things off for the weekend, and when the weekend comes we’re either driving to someone’s house or going out for groceries or other errands.

We grow up learning about how life is meant to be devised into separate sections. Between work and life and everything else.

I think the television needs a separate room to itself with lock and key.. and not be in the family room, this way we can control when it is being consumed.

Regardless we need to spend more time with our kids and teach them good moral lessons by being those examples.

What do you think should be done? Would love some comments below.

Leveraging your Smartphone for Video Production

In this article I’m going to talk about how you can use your smartphone to create videos that ultimately increase engagement.

Number One: Stabilization.

Nobody likes to watch shaky video. Sure it was fine for feature films like ‘The Blair Witch Project (1999)’, ‘Cloverfield (2008)’, ‘Paranormal Activity (2007)’ mainly because they’re deliberately creating that look to send a message and set the scene for you. When shooting video where the focus is your message with your face in it, you want to pull the audience in with stabilized shots. There are a few ways you can stabilize your camera:

  1. A tripod
  2. Use both hands and your body to stabilize the shot
  3. 3-Axis gimbal such as the DJI Osmo Mobile, Smoove

It all depends on the type of video you’re looking to shoot.

Number Two: Orientation

Now there’s two orientations that you can shoot your video in.

  1. First and foremost is the horizontal view, as the name suggests this is the default view that all content is created for. It’s the most common as it enables you to see the horizon or landscape and be able to take in the breadth of the environment and grand vistas. 100% of the movies, tv shows and online content is shot in this format.
  2. Number two, we have the vertical orientation, this was unintentionally introduced since the introduction of the first smartphone that enabled video capabilities. There even was a PSA (public service announcement) recommending not to record vertical video. When posting vertical video on the internet back in the day it would look quite weird.

So which orientation shall we pick?

It all comes down to the application where is this very good video going to go primarily Are you recording this video to go on Snapchat Are you recording this video to go on an Instagram story is this video going to show up on a Facebook story so began figure out your orientation orientation and figure out you civilization nobody likes to watch shaky video so figure that out and follow through.

you want to compress your videos for a faster upload and play. Now most of the times when you recording video on your phone, you’re primarily in 10 ADP most of the times they keep it on 10 ATP, you do have the option of

you do have the option to reduce the resolution down to 720 P.

Again you want to record video a tight resolution possible but then you can shrink it down using video editing applications such as I movie such as the YouTube app on there’s other apps available. There’s different apps available for different devices focusing on the iPhone for now movie video leap.

And there’s some other applications that lets you choose how the videos exported

again. So you compress your video faster upload and playback.

Next up, you want to improve the audio quality

because as you speak into your camera,

the microphone that’s built into the smartphone is good enough to pick up sound that’s loud

enough. But if you’re if it’s spoken word there’s lifetime there’s quite voices are quite words

that are picked up properly on

your film. So you want to use an external microphone, there’s several all different kinds that you can purchase an external microphone can plug into your headphone jack. On the newer phones, there are no more headphone jacks so they can read adapters and those adapters enable you to connect the microphone to your smartphone. And then you have direct audio coming from the horse’s mouth and those levelers Mike lowly or mix can go directly on your shirt or on your blouse on a T shirt. That way the sound is being caught

as soon as it exits your mouth. And you have clean audio for people to listen to

our next

enhance performance with mobile apps. So this is where I was mentioning using mobile apps to record your video. one specific app that I recommend is Filmic Pro. Now I’m not sure if this app is available on the Android but I do know that it is available for the iPad as well as the iPhone.

What’s amazing about Filmic Pro is this film this app is used by professionals shooting long feature length movies, as well as TV series Web TV series using smartphones like an iPhone or an iPad.

And Filmic Pro also has a remote application. This remote application lets you connect to other Filmic Pro devices that are in your arsenal. So let’s say you have your iPad mounted on a tripod somewhere, and it’s hard to reach, you can connect to that I iPad camera through the filmic remote app. So you have film a

film camera running on your iPad, it’s mounted up

onto the way and your phone is near you so you can trigger it from your phone and start speaking to the iPad.

What’s also cool about the Filmic Pro app is that you can select which audio source to record from. So if you have a bluetooth headset, you can use a bluetooth headset connected to the iPad that’s on your body. And that way the audio is going directly to the device and getting recorded in highest quality

from the source. Of course,

other cool thing about an iPad is iPads still have the headphone jack. So you can connect your long 20 foot

cord for the month microphone directly to the iPad, getting clean audio attached to your video. So enhance performance video mobile apps using these specific applications. And using ethical you’re stacking up all of these tips to get the best possible

video from your mobile device.

Next tip, avoid the annoying digital zoom. Yes,

I know people are obsessed by digital zooms it was it’s been around for a while. And you’ll notice

on Snapchat, you can zoom in to 20 times and few look at the quality of that zoom. It’s not that great. But it’s it works. And

it works in ways where it will do the job. Because you’re just posting a quick video

is just posing a quick video to get it out there. So it works.

So if you do want to zoom

on a smartphone, you would have to either move closer to the camera

or bring the camera close to the action.

Some other things you can do is get dedicated lenses that give you twice the zoom. So on most smartphones, there’s double there’s two lenses. One is a wide angle lens. And the other one is a telephoto lens, which essentially gives you two times system. So that works, you have an optical zoom, you’re not using digital zoom. So most of the times it works perfectly fine. The image quality is not reduced at all, because you’re optically coming closer to the subject.

Alright, next tip, increase video views on LinkedIn. So how are we going to do how we’re going to increase these video links reviews on LinkedIn? Well, if you stack all of these tips together and create a compelling video, you’ve got the digital you’ve got stabilized video you’re compressing this video. So uploads fast to the platform of your choice. You’re enhancing performance by using mobile apps that give you the best quality possible of the subject you’re recording.

you’re avoiding these two zooms. What this does, gives you some really good views on LinkedIn. Having an horizontal orientation, which is landscape orientation video is the best way to go on LinkedIn. If you do want to post a vertical video on LinkedIn, go right ahead. But make sure that

either the video is edited using video leap which enables you to edit vertical videos and keep them in vertical because if you bring in a vertical video into a movie, you will get the top and bottom of the video chopped off and you’ll have white or black bars on either side of your video.

So don’t do that use video leap or other applications that enable you to edit a

vertical video

if you have access to a desktop you’re able to do that. Do you think the I movie or other movie editing software you can edit those vertical video those make them look clean. post them up on LinkedIn get tons of likes. Those vertical videos come up really nice on smartphones because

they detect the orientation and they can display it in full screen I have tested his but I think it works these video views of your content then brings you more new clients. How effective is that strategy all comes down to how consistent you are in creating content for your platform, about your business, by your services and what you’re doing for your fellow human beings.

Thanks for listening tonight. Signing off from hacks

and hobby.

What if we killed the job interview?

An interesting piece on skipping the entire interview process. 100s nay 1000s of people give and take interviews on a daily basis. They’re either interviewing to hire new candidates or candidates hoping to land a new job. The problem with interviews is that it almost always doesn’t surmount to a good understanding of the interviewer. Sometimes it’ll take a few months to really know the candidates likes and dislikes.

There has been countless websites and services created to help with this problem, here’s a few that come to mind.

But maybe there’s another way?! I mean as social media users on several networks we share information, freely and engage with our peers and acquaintances, its quite easy to see who somebody is by just looking at the engagements.

Check out the article over at FastCompany and see what you think.

Source: What if we killed the job interview?

DJI Osmo 4K Video with 3-axis Stabilizer.

DJI Osmo 4K Video with 3-axis Stabilizer.

DJI the popular drone maker which made heads turn with the Phantom, Phantom 2 and then the re-imagined Inspire 1 which lets you record 360º video without the legs of the drone coming in the way (they built it from the ground up) along with a dedicated 4K video camera using a 12mp chip from Sony.

The company has created a device that competes with professional equipment but it’s target is the action camera using GoPros for sports where the camera is used without stabilization.

The gymbal is the magic, but the package that DJI built in the OSMO’s pistol grip with controls easily accessible via your trigger finger and thumb make it a perfect tool to shoot videos on the move.

The OSMO went on sale October 26th 2015 and I got mine a couple days later and I’m loving it and can’t wait to shoot amazing shots and scenery.

The camera can also shoot 1080 @120fps for slow motion and 1080 @60fps for smooth video.

For more detail, check out the article over at NoFilmSchool

Source: DJI Osmo Is a Powerful 4K Camera with an Integrated 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer