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DJI Osmo 4K Video with 3-axis Stabilizer.

DJI Osmo 4K Video with 3-axis Stabilizer.

DJI the popular drone maker which made heads turn with the Phantom, Phantom 2 and then the re-imagined Inspire 1 which lets you record 360º video without the legs of the drone coming in the way (they built it from the ground up) along with a dedicated 4K video camera using a 12mp chip from Sony.

The company has created a device that competes with professional equipment but it’s target is the action camera using GoPros for sports where the camera is used without stabilization.

The gymbal is the magic, but the package that DJI built in the OSMO’s pistol grip with controls easily accessible via your trigger finger and thumb make it a perfect tool to shoot videos on the move.

DJI Osmo - Southwestern United States

The OSMO went on sale October 26th 2015 and I got mine a couple days later and I’m loving it and can’t wait to shoot amazing shots and scenery.

The camera can also shoot 1080 @120fps for slow motion and 1080 @60fps for smooth video.

For more detail, check out the article over at NoFilmSchool

Source: DJI Osmo Is a Powerful 4K Camera with an Integrated 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

GoPro launches compact, single-button Hero4 Session camera with iPhone

GoPro launches compact, single-button Hero4 Session camera with iPhone

This is beautiful!! The brand new Hero4 Session camera by GoPro is just amazing, small, light and super clean! I’d love to get my hands on these babies and replace my GoPro Hero3 Black (but of course these can’t do 4K).

With their super light weight and small form-facture, make them the perfect companion to mount on your head, helmet, chest and close to you so you can focus more on the sport you’re enjoying and less on how much additional weight you’re carrying.


GoPro HERO Session: GoPro, Simplified

You get pretty good usage for how tiny it is, between 1hour 45minutes to 2 hours when using it with the GoPro App or with the wifi off respectively.

Check out more details on the link below.

GoPro on Monday announced a new $400 action camera, the Hero4 Session, a cube-shaped device said to be half as big and 40 percent lighter than other Hero4 models, while still offering many of the same features including wireless connectivity to Apple’s iPhone.

Source: GoPro launches compact, single-button Hero4 Session camera with iPhone

Dark Matter

Excellent article over at Medium by Justin Barber

Talks about our obsession, nay addiction with technology and the millions of screens available at our disposal, and what they all mean.

It starts by realizing our problem with technology isn’t between us and our devices, it’s between you and me: we’re not addicted to our phones, we’re addicted to people.

Justin Barber

Source: The Dark Matter of Screens – Part 1