5 things to consider when launching your first app

5 things to consider when launching your first app

Excellent article by Maximilian Hennebach on launching your first app.

I accidentally sent all app downloads a push notification. This was right at midnight on the east coast, so I felt very bad for any people who may have been disturbed. If it was me, I’d be pissed.

Source: 5 things I learned launching my first iOS app | Sketchapp TV Blog | 365 files. One file a day. | Free Sketch 3 Premium Files & Resources

Why a Retina Display on Mac’s makes sense.

We’ve all been reading rumors about Retina displays for Mac since December 2011, and with the arrival of the new iPad with a retina display, the updates to the current OS X (Lion to include @2x icons) hardware specs aiming for graphics with very high resolution capabilities. It’s no wonder why the rumors make sense. WWDC 2012’s icon displaying the tons of screens representing iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads is another hint.

From a developers point of view and looking at the resolutions of iPhone 4/4S and iPad (3rd gen) we’re some trouble designing for retina iPad with a resolution of 2048×1536 which is higher than any display smaller than a 30″ apple cinema display to show the entire view of the retina iPad. We’ve having to design for a 1024×768 resolution on our MacBook Pro 17″ or a hi-res MacBook Pro 15″ (with 1680×1050, which barely fits the iPad in portrait mode) plenty of scrolling to see the screen, infact designing for iPhone 4/4S’s retina display with 960×640 resolution we’re cramped a little in portrait mode.

When laying out the storyboard in Xcode we’re presented with a 1x design/layout of the iPad and as you add screens and views the display again feels cramped and you have to keep zooming out and then back in and eventually we start using the sidebar for the storyboard.

The iPhone is also displayed in 1x when laying out the storyboard and as you add more screens you start scrolling a lot (which is much easier when using a mouse or touchpad thanks to the gestures)

A retina display mac would rightly be in place as it’ll let the user display the entirity of the iPad or iPhone display as we’re testing the app we’re building in the iPhone Simulator and wouldn’t have to switch between retina and regular.

As rumored a 15″ MacBook Pro would have a retina resolution of 2880 (reg. 1440) x 1800 (reg. 900) which would easily fit a retina display of a retina iPad (2048×1536) in landscape but not so much in protrait thats where the higher res (1680×1050) 3360×2100 would be perfect to display a portrait retina iPad and portrait retina iPhone along with the ability to layout storyboards with out a lot of scrolling.

And if they continue the tradition with a 17″ MBP with 3820*2400 would make it a blast to design clean UI for the retina displays.

So I’m looking forward to these new MacBooks with sick retina displays and beefy graphics from nVidia.

Update: I just noticed in the iOS Simulator that I can use the scale-down feature when simulating using the retina display modes by up to 50%. They did think of everything 🙂

Mobile Web Browsers

With all the explosion on Mobile Web and Applications. Theres’ several offerings that let you create mobile web. Some great things to keep in mind is how your application will look like in the several mobile browsers that are out there, such as Mobile Safari (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Mobile Firefox (Android and others), Mobile Opera (Several platforms).

37 Signals goes into details on how to watch out for these issues and the solution of-course.

What they learned from building UI from 37Signals.com

Happy Hour 9 to 5

Happy Hour 9 to 5

What is a Happy Hour? “Happy hour” is a marketing term for a period of time in which a restaurant or bar offers discounts on alcoholic drinks, such as beer, wine and cocktails. Which is practically ridiculous as consuming alcohol doesn’t specifically make one happy.

After all it was a marketing effort. But the REAL happy hour should be the time which you spend most of your day doing and infact most of your life. And this should be from 9 to 5. So literally Happy Hour is 9 to 5 as the book titled with the same name suggests.

Got iPhone Pwned?

Well after reading articles and dugg stories of the iPhone Pwnage Tool first being in existance, then being delayed from released, then being completely closed-out and shutdown and sold to a private company to finally being released on April 3rd, 2008. I was in complete awe and amazement. So I did what everyone who is an early adaptor and downloaded the tool, loaded it up on my MacBook Pro as quickly as I could. I ran into one issue which caused me a little delay (my home Mac was the primary sync point for my iPhone). If I were to use the tool on the iPhone from my MBP it’d erase my music/videos and this would cause me to listen to nothing on my way back home.

This is where AFPd came in handy, I created a private WiFi network, connected to the iPhone and copied over all of my music to this iTunes Library into a new playlist (which will now sync to the iPhone). Once that was done I “erase and sync”ed the iTunes with the iPhone. Now I was ready to Pwn my iPhone. I was then missing the ipsw files required by the Pwnage tool, which I was easily able to download thanks to ‘iphone.unlock.no’.

I then put my phone into recovery-mode and was able to use the iPwner tool to flash the rom (using the downloaded 1.1.4 ipsw)

Then I created a new custom 1.1.4 ipsw using the Pwnage tool & the original 1.1.4 ipsw.

Once the iPhone was pwned, I restored it using the new custom ipsw that I just created using iTunes (option + restore button, select file)

Automatic Plug-in updates!

Oh my!! I just upgraded my WordPress to version 2.5. It is beautiful! and its got this new awesome cool thing going for it… more like for me. After I copied over all of the plug-ins that I had on my older wp 2.3.1, I went to check the plug-ins section and it showed me all of the plug-ins and they were showing up properly.

Then the new thing that I noticed was that there were some plug-ins that were old and their new-counterparts are available to download, there is a link to either go to the download-page and manually do the stuff, OR I can simply click on the “update automatically link” and wordpress fetches the download file and updates the plugin! all under 5 seconds, where as the manual method would atleast take 2-5 minutes!

This is definitely an amazing feature!