by | Oct 6, 2007 | Lifestyle

This will be a recreation of a website that used to exist in this space a longtime ago.. Where did all the content go?? don’t worry its saved in its own little space. It was a little disturbing or more like unforgivable since it relates to a past well remembered.

I’m going to create a new feeling here and talk about the stuff that matters the most! There are several avenues of expression and depression is might be one of them, I’m not so sure anymore.

So did you check out the new Halo 3? it sold Three (3) Million copies in the first week that it launched that is definitely an amazing accomplishment for a game it equals to roughly 3 million times an average price of 67 dollars that’s 200 million bucks.. thats a lotta cash.

I’ll get back with more stuff soon


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