What is it with ads?

by | Oct 5, 2005 | Blogs & News, News

This is going to come of very weird, I for one am extremely annoyed by ads, specially the ones that are done with low budget and stupid lines, its like dude you just wasted a whole buncha money. Its the worst type of advertising. The one that annoys me the most is radio ads. Yes I’d be a big supporter of “XM Satellite Radio” or “Sirius” but who the heck pays money to listen to radio?! anyways I just stick to my motivational speakers, business book summaries, and selection of modern rock, alternative, indie and pakistani music on my mp3 player to play for me when I’m driving about.

Television ads are definitely cute, but late at nights you’ll see the worst type of ads, its like dude is this the audience thats running your business? Interesting… But yea tv ads dont bother me at all.. guess why? Its because I don’t even watch TV! haha yes we have like a 20-24″ tv which is in my sisters room and they watch their “desperate housewives”, “lost”, “seinfeld”, “just shoot me” and God knows whatelse. I have to say that “lost” is an amazing show, I’ve managed to watch the first 10 episodes of the 1st season. And I hear the second seasons first episode was an awesome one.

Anyways thats my bit for today….


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