Short Form vs. Long Form Content: What’s Needed to Grow Your Brand?

by | Oct 29, 2022 | Blogs & News, Digital Presence, Solutions

Balancing Short Form and Long Form Content: The Key to Sustaining Growth for Your Brand.

As content creators, we often find ourselves wondering which form of content is best to grow our brand. Is it short form, which is easy to create and consume, or long form, which allows us to express our thoughts in detail and provide more value to our audience?

The truth is, we need both.

Start with long form content

As humans, we have an innate desire to speak, tell stories, and express ourselves at length. Starting with long form content allows us to do just that. It enables us to flow and remove the debris from our writing joints. The more we practice, the sharper our sentences and vocabulary become.

Creating long form content can be challenging, but it also provides a platform for us to express ourselves in a meaningful way. It allows us to provide value to our audience and build a connection with them.

Short form content as a hook

Short form content, on the other hand, is easy to create and consume. However, it may not sustain value in the long run. It may entertain people for a while, but it may not keep them coming back to our page or profile.

The best way to create short form content is to take it from our long form content. By doing this, we can create a hook for our long form content and keep our audience interested.

Imagine you want to have long-lasting heat at a campsite. Will you put a bunch of twigs and needles in or bring the big logs? You need both. One to get the fire started and the other to keep the interest of the fire to stick around.

Sustaining growth with both short and long form content

The reason why the greats have sustained growth on their channels with short form content is that they have long form content to back it up. Long form content allows us to express ourselves in a meaningful way, and short form content helps us to reach a broader audience and keep them interested.

In conclusion, creating a balance between short and long form content is crucial to grow your brand. Start with long form content, and as you continue to hone your skills, you will find nuggets of gold in that content. Then, use short form content as a hook to keep your audience interested in your long form content. By doing this, you can sustain growth and provide value to your audience. So, are you using leaves or logs to grow your brand?


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