What’s needed to grow your audience and brand? Short form or Long form?

by | Oct 29, 2022 | Blogs & News

Q: Short form vs. Long form what’s needed to grow?

We need both.

Q: But where do I start?

Start with long form, as humans we long to speak, tell stories and talk at length at why we long something and why it’s for me.

As you continue to hone your skill you’ll find nuggets of gold in that long form content.

In English composition class we were told to journal everyday, minimum 500 words, this created a challenge but also a pressure to free write anything that’s coming to you. It enables you to flow and removes the debris from your creaking writing ✍️ joints.

The more we flow the more clean and sharper our sentences and vocabulary is utilized.

Q: But shortform is so easy!

Me: Yes it is, but can it sustain value? Can’t it keep people in your page and profile? Will they learn about you that’s meaningful or will they just come of the entertainment?

Imagine you want to have long lasting heat at the campsite. Will you put a bunch of twigs and needles in or bring the big logs? You need both. One to get the fire started and the other to keep the interest of the fire to stick around.

The best way to create short form content is to take it from your longform content. You’ve already done the work, but now each short form content becomes a hook to your longform content.

The reason the greats have sustained the growth on their channels with the short is because they have the longform content to back it up.

It had taken me 20 years to understand this to put it in this simple relatable terminology.

What are you doing to grow your brand?

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