When Should you Tweet?

by | Feb 10, 2011 | Blogs & News, News

Twitter TimeIf you are on Twitter for fun and tweet only to connect with your friends, please skip this.

Let’s say you want to find out the best time to write a tweet such that it gets read by a maximum number of your followers on Twitter who in-turn may decide to retweet it to further help spread the word?

There are two approaches to this problem. For instance, you may find the time period when your followers are least active on Twitter and avoid tweeting during that time. This increases the likelihood of them noticing your tweets.

Timely is however a more innovative solution to finding the perfect time for tweeting. The app analyzes your last 200 tweets and then shortlists the ones that have been retweeted. The more retweets you get in a particular time bucket, the more you should try to tweet in that bucket.

Just enter your Twitter handle in the Timely box to find your perfect time.

Also, there can’t be a standard time that works for all Twitter accounts because it mostly depends on your followers as well as their location. If you are based in U.S. but a majority of your followers are in India, your tweets will probably perform better if you tweet according to the Indian time zone.

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Reposted from Labnol.org Timely is a great service for tweeting to your followers.


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