How about some Wireless-usb on Apple Products?

by | Feb 19, 2008 | Lifestyle

Finally a laptop with the wireless-usb built-in, this is something that would be useful on you know what? The MacBook Air. Wireless usb totally makes sense, hopefully we’ll see these on future MacBooks and Macs in general. It’ll definitely make it easier to make them more portable! Leave the printers, scanners, and other wired devices to the wireless-usb hub which is then connected to the MacBook, MacBook Air, and the MacBook Pro wirelessly. I mean no need to carry around extra hubs/wires etc.

We’re a bit bummed that wireless USB-equipped laptops are merely trickling in versus pouring, but we reckon we’ll take what we can get. Next on the docket is the LaVie J series from NEC…

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