Writing Again…

by | Sep 11, 2004 | Blogs & News, News

I think Its about time to entertain the few readers that I have of my ‘xanga’ site. well lets start with something exciting yet geeky but its something thats exciting for me so go figure what it means when its done. I’ve finally managed to make time to manage the huge library of music that i’ve been lugging around stored in a computer.

What I really want to do is get me a big portable drive so I can carry it around with me rather lugging around a computer case weighing in at around 30 lbs. Oh yeah the exciting thing… I’ve managed to install MAX OS X x86 Developers Edition for Intel onto my Laptop and tell you the truth it boots up pretty quickly, ofcourse I’m missing graphics drivers and Wine or Darwine is not completely finished to give me the ability to install the applications I use the most when working, and it sucks that I dont have hardware graphics acceleration due to the missing graphics drivers.

The big question is that when Apple releases the full blown version of th OSx86 will ATI release a graphics driver for the platform so I can use the OS on my current laptop or will I have to purchase a new one. You know I’ve been thinking about buying a new laptop but they end up costing around 3-4K yes thats right 3-4K for a laptop. And obviously its not a system that has dual-core processor, just the regular uni-core cpu that the laptop/notebook makers have their hands on. So what do we do? we wait! because I have about 5-6 more months left on my laptop with the warranty that is. So do I sell this unit and get me a new one? or trash this unit or extend the warranty to another year? Very tough questions.

So anyways, I got me a subscription to “Rhapsody” its like 10 bucks a month for unlimited music which is I think a pretty neat deal cause I get to listen to all the latest music thats coming out and being legal! I think its a good thing to be legal. Feels good. So one of the good songs that I’ve heard recently, Trapt – Bleed Like Me (love the music), T.A.T.u – All About Us (now thats what I’ve been waiting for), Nickelback – Photograph (a very deeply related song.. don’t ask how)
Yup thats about it folks!    


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