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Chinese Bamboo Tree: The tree that takes 5 years to grow

Chinese Bamboo Tree: The tree that takes 5 years to grow

Perhaps you’re familiar with the primary message of patience and persistence that is usually associated with the story of the Chinese bamboo tree. However, there are three other messages hidden in that story, if you look for them.

The story of the Chinese bamboo tree is true and is as follows: This particular tree has a seed that is so hard that when planted, it will do nothing for almost five years. Nothing happens in the first year or the second, not the third or the fourth. You have to water and care for that seed all those years, seeing no results from your labor. That is, until the fifth year.

In the fifth year, the seed breaks through the soil and begins to grow into a tree. And grow, it does. In fact, the Chinese bamboo tree has been recorded at growing upwards of 3 feet a day, almost 90 feet in about a month. You can literally stand there and watch it shoot up! (It has actually been timed at approximately one inch of growth every 40 minutes.)

Now, during that five-year period, if the person who had planted that seed had stopped watering it or taking care of the ground area, the seed would have died. If the planter had gotten tired of waiting and dug up that seed to see what was taking so long or walked away in disgust… the seed would have died.

But, if we look a little deeper, in addition to patience and persistence, there are other lessons to be learned from the planter.

Specific Goal:

It seems obvious that if someone wants to plant a Chinese bamboo tree, they wouldn’t set off to plant an apple tree. However, for many of us, when it comes to our goals, we have a tendency to either not be specific or try to accomplish too many things at one time.

If your goal is to become wealthy, that is not specific. What do you mean by the wealthy? Wealthy means different things to different people, as does the goal to become successful. If you want to lose weight, that is also not specific. If you have a goal to lose 20 pounds, that is specific. But if you want to lose 20 pounds AND AT THE SAME TIME reorganize your house, get a new job, and travel to Europe – that may be too big of a bite for most people. In reality, the chances of achieving any of those goals to the degree that would be desired is greatly diminished, because, as the old saying goes, you can do three things at the same time, but you can’t do three things WELL at the same time.

Being specific about want you want to accomplish is critical, as it helps you to focus on what you need to do. Additionally, if you are trying to do a variety of things at the same time, you are limiting how much attention and time you can direct to each goal, which can lead to unnecessary mistakes, missed opportunities, and setbacks.

Message: Be specific about what you want to achieve and focus on one goal at a time.


In addition to the bamboo seed, the planter needed to procure the appropriate tools and find the proper location for the tree. This may have been accomplished with just a simple list, but that list – no matter how small or simple – is a plan.

Most people don’t create a plan for their goals. Instead, they “wing it” and most fail or never get their “wings” flying in the right direction. Depending on the complexity of your goal, you need to not only write down your specific goal but also create a plan. (The internet is loaded with studies that prove the power of writing down goals and a plan, so no need to rehash it here.) So, whether it’s a simple list or a detailed strategic plan…

Message: Write down your specific goal and a plan.


While dealing with negativity is a crucial component of patience and persistence, what is not alluded to in the typical telling of the story of the Chinese bamboo tree (and excuse me for taking a little literary license) is dealing with the negativity of others, while you strive to achieve your goal.

Now, I have no idea if the planter of the bamboo seed had to deal with friends or family chastising her for watering a piece of dirt for four years with no result. But I can tell you that as you work on your goal, there will be those who won’t be pulling for you. It’s a sad commentary, but it’s true. And sometimes, those people who won’t cheer you on are those who are closest to you like family, friends or business associates.

In some cases, it may be helpful to let as many people as possible know what you would like to achieve; however, in many situations, the less who know – the better. The more people you tell, the more opinions and judgments you will receive. And while some people may be positive, there will be those who are not.

Message: If you choose to tell others about your goal, be careful with whom you choose to share.

You may feel that I have squeezed every last ounce of juice from the story of the bamboo tree, and perhaps, you’re correct. As the Irish priest and essayist, Jonathan Swift said, “Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.” Like a photograph, the more you look, the more you find.

The story of the Chinese bamboo tree contains hidden messages, beyond the apparent ones of patience and persistence. It is a story that is rich in meaning. You just have to look.

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When I first started blogging it was a while ago and I found a ton of gratitude in it.

It’s satisfying to write up a page in the books and get things off my mind. As emails go you and I’ve been receiving them for decades! But check out the power in them.

One email that I check daily is that if Jonathan Stark, he fires off an email daily at all times if the day. It’s almost like I’m waiting for them.

Todays was a really good one, something that really resonated with me.

He gets questions from his subscribers and folks all the time which say. Should I be starting a podcast or write an email list.

And his answer do both!

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

In the 3rd Quarter of 2021, I was introduced to the book The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. My friend had just finished reading it and he was so impressed that he decided to reach out to the Author to bring him on his podcast “Inspired Money podcast.”

How this all happened in a matter of days inspired me to go out and read the book to see what it’s all about.

Now the title of the book is self-explanatory take the leap, the most significant leap you think in your mind, and yes, it was enticing enough, but when I read the subtitle ‘conquer your hidden fear and take life to the next level,’ it reeled me in like a fish.

It was a short listen just shy of 5 and a half hours on Audible. I listened to the book through car rides, chores, and lying in bed before sleep.

It not only opened my eyes to possibilities and my thought process, but I related to a lot of the stories he shared through the beginning of the book.

I talked about the book with at least 15 people in my circle and recommended that they read the book. I know a few of them went and grabbed the book immediately, which gave me such joy because I wanted the outcome for them that book provided for me.

Why was I so adamant? Because it unlocked things in my mind that I couldn’t think was possible. See, we’re all born with the capacity to learn and grow into who we want to become, but a lot of the foundational habits are built and solidified in the first five years of our lives.

These years are extremely critical and we absorb everything, all habits, all feelings that surround us. Growing up I have a very vague recollection of how my childhood was. I do know that being the oldest and firstborn in my family and firstborn of my mom’s siblings, I was handled and cared for by a lot of aunts and uncles. My grandmother and aunt watched and tended to my needs a lot more because my mom was carrying my sibling.

Why do these memories surface? Because after being a father to three children and watching them grow, I have data to see for myself the impact of the environment we put ourselves and our children in.

And this book helps resolve and overcome some of the things that might be holding you back. After reading this book and practicing Time Diet, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some fantastic people.

So if you’re on the fence, I’d recommend you take the leap and read this book.

I’m about to start the second reading of the book with a notebook to write down things that stick out for me and help me keep on the course to a fruitful future.

Somewhere out, there is a video where the speaker talks about how hard it is to make your first million. And how easy it is to make the second one because you’ve figured out what it takes. Just like when you bike for the first time, and you don’t know if you’re going to make it to the stop sign. The next time you’re on, you would count the miles, and if you got to the first mile.

But once’s you’ve ridden your bike for 50 miles every weekend, 30 miles every other day. It all becomes much more easier to tackle a 100 miles, 200 miles etc.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the next one.

7 easy ways to get closer to your siblings.

7 easy ways to get closer to your siblings.

This topic of being closer to my siblings has been on my mind for the longest time, sure growing up I think I got along fine with everyone. My memory is something of a mystery as I don’t really think all that much about the past.

But as I grow older, a lot of these thoughts come back to me, and anytime that I had tried to create a safe space for and be close to my siblings I just never know what to say.

Sure there are the occasional squabbles we have between siblings, but there’s always an elephant in the room of some sort.

So what are some of the ways you can try to get closer to your siblings?

1. Be Compassionate

As we grow older we start closing ourselves off by beating about the bush and creating barriers in our minds, we simply need to treat ourselves as we would a small child like a 1-2-year-old kid learning to crawl or walk or run. We give them a lot of leeways and are super patient with them. WE have to remember that we’re not all alone and that we need to let your siblings into your life and treat them with patience, support, and mindfulness.

How To Be More Compassionate!

2. Be Nice to Each Other

Just like we’re being compassionate to ourselves we need to treat each other how we’d like to be treated. Afterall because your siblings are your blood it’s extra painful when we hear back something that we weren’t expecting. So be nice to each other and give them room to speak and tell their stories.

3. Lend a Hand When you Can

The hardest thing for any one person is to ask for help. It’s something either you’re not taught this in school, but it is ok to ask for help and a lot of the times we’re not able to ask for help because of our own ego and intuitions and the backlash and rejection that comes with it. So as we grow up we stop asking for help. So when you have the ability or not lend a hand to your sibling.

Interview of Bill Gates| Someone ask to Bill Gate, "Is there anyone richer than you in the world?"

Someone asked Bill Gates if there was anyone richer than him, the story he tells is captivating and shows us the depth of human intuition because he shares that he was helped monetarily by a person that had nothing. And after years Bill wanted to help him (after he was wealthier). It makes that person richer because he was able to give when he had nothing.

4. Always have time to listen

We’re given 2 ears and one mouth for a reason, and then one month we have our tongue is enclosed between our teeth so we can better protect it. To find the time to listen to your siblings and let them vent and tell their stories enables them to have a deeper connection with them.

5 ways to listen better | Julian Treasure

5. Take time out to have deep conversations

It’s super easy to have short bursts of conversations with your siblings, sharing a post here and there, sharing what’s happening. But when you actually take out the time to listen and talk about the stuff that really matters. This is when you really build that connection and get closer to them. It’s the same as taking the time out to listen, but now you’re having a discussion that means a lot to each one of you.

6. Discuss a topic that your sibling is deeply passionate about

Each of your siblings and if you just have the one they’ll have one specific thing that they’re super passionate about and willing move mountains and take the extra time out to actually go and make it happen. Talk in detail about these topics. This can be fitness related, food-related, sports-related or something that just lights them up. Again we’re just trying to get closer and yes sometimes there will be stuff that’s going to turn you off or something you said will turn them off. But when you’re talking about passions something in your mind clicks and you strengthen the bond.

7. Share a recipe or hack you recently discovered

I’m all about hacks, life hacks, food hacks any kind of hacks. And when I discover something new I want to run out and share what I learned. So if you’re an explorer go out there learn something new and bring it back to share with your sibling(s) and you’ll be amazed if they hadn’t already learned about it. If that’s the case you can always learn how they’re using it and what progress they’ve made.

I’m sure there are a lot more ways to get closer to your siblings, if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear about them. Because guess what, blood is thicker than water, hence why it hurts when your sibling says something that’s true. I love all of you and I totally care about you.

Thanks for reading and sticking around 🙂

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What are we going to do tonight Pinky?

What are we going to do tonight Pinky?

If you haven’t heard of that phrase or watched a few episodes of the famous warner brothers tv show ‘Pinky and the Brain’ you’re totally missing out.

What’s really interesting about the show that stands out to me now more than ever is their relentless pursuit to take over the world.

In each episode Brain and Pinky two lab rats devise a plan that’ll help Brain run the world, their constant failures but then going at it again reminds me how many times we as humans need to persist and keep moving forward.

So today’s plan is to get back on the track to edit the backlogged episodes and keep moving forward.

I also learned a lot of new tips today that I didn’t k it in the beginning. And I think I can help others achieve their goals in building their personal brand as well as establish their authority.

What did you do today?

Leveraging your Smartphone for Video Production

In this article I’m going to talk about how you can use your smartphone to create videos that ultimately increase engagement.

Number One: Stabilization.

Nobody likes to watch shaky video. Sure it was fine for feature films like ‘The Blair Witch Project (1999)’, ‘Cloverfield (2008)’, ‘Paranormal Activity (2007)’ mainly because they’re deliberately creating that look to send a message and set the scene for you. When shooting video where the focus is your message with your face in it, you want to pull the audience in with stabilized shots. There are a few ways you can stabilize your camera:

  1. A tripod
  2. Use both hands and your body to stabilize the shot
  3. 3-Axis gimbal such as the DJI Osmo Mobile, Smoove

It all depends on the type of video you’re looking to shoot.

Number Two: Orientation

Now there’s two orientations that you can shoot your video in.

  1. First and foremost is the horizontal view, as the name suggests this is the default view that all content is created for. It’s the most common as it enables you to see the horizon or landscape and be able to take in the breadth of the environment and grand vistas. 100% of the movies, tv shows and online content is shot in this format.
  2. Number two, we have the vertical orientation, this was unintentionally introduced since the introduction of the first smartphone that enabled video capabilities. There even was a PSA (public service announcement) recommending not to record vertical video. When posting vertical video on the internet back in the day it would look quite weird.

So which orientation shall we pick?

It all comes down to the application where is this very good video going to go primarily Are you recording this video to go on Snapchat Are you recording this video to go on an Instagram story is this video going to show up on a Facebook story so began figure out your orientation orientation and figure out you civilization nobody likes to watch shaky video so figure that out and follow through.

you want to compress your videos for a faster upload and play. Now most of the times when you recording video on your phone, you’re primarily in 10 ADP most of the times they keep it on 10 ATP, you do have the option of

you do have the option to reduce the resolution down to 720 P.

Again you want to record video a tight resolution possible but then you can shrink it down using video editing applications such as I movie such as the YouTube app on there’s other apps available. There’s different apps available for different devices focusing on the iPhone for now movie video leap.

And there’s some other applications that lets you choose how the videos exported

again. So you compress your video faster upload and playback.

Next up, you want to improve the audio quality

because as you speak into your camera,

the microphone that’s built into the smartphone is good enough to pick up sound that’s loud

enough. But if you’re if it’s spoken word there’s lifetime there’s quite voices are quite words

that are picked up properly on

your film. So you want to use an external microphone, there’s several all different kinds that you can purchase an external microphone can plug into your headphone jack. On the newer phones, there are no more headphone jacks so they can read adapters and those adapters enable you to connect the microphone to your smartphone. And then you have direct audio coming from the horse’s mouth and those levelers Mike lowly or mix can go directly on your shirt or on your blouse on a T shirt. That way the sound is being caught

as soon as it exits your mouth. And you have clean audio for people to listen to

our next

enhance performance with mobile apps. So this is where I was mentioning using mobile apps to record your video. one specific app that I recommend is Filmic Pro. Now I’m not sure if this app is available on the Android but I do know that it is available for the iPad as well as the iPhone.

What’s amazing about Filmic Pro is this film this app is used by professionals shooting long feature length movies, as well as TV series Web TV series using smartphones like an iPhone or an iPad.

And Filmic Pro also has a remote application. This remote application lets you connect to other Filmic Pro devices that are in your arsenal. So let’s say you have your iPad mounted on a tripod somewhere, and it’s hard to reach, you can connect to that I iPad camera through the filmic remote app. So you have film a

film camera running on your iPad, it’s mounted up

onto the way and your phone is near you so you can trigger it from your phone and start speaking to the iPad.

What’s also cool about the Filmic Pro app is that you can select which audio source to record from. So if you have a bluetooth headset, you can use a bluetooth headset connected to the iPad that’s on your body. And that way the audio is going directly to the device and getting recorded in highest quality

from the source. Of course,

other cool thing about an iPad is iPads still have the headphone jack. So you can connect your long 20 foot

cord for the month microphone directly to the iPad, getting clean audio attached to your video. So enhance performance video mobile apps using these specific applications. And using ethical you’re stacking up all of these tips to get the best possible

video from your mobile device.

Next tip, avoid the annoying digital zoom. Yes,

I know people are obsessed by digital zooms it was it’s been around for a while. And you’ll notice

on Snapchat, you can zoom in to 20 times and few look at the quality of that zoom. It’s not that great. But it’s it works. And

it works in ways where it will do the job. Because you’re just posting a quick video

is just posing a quick video to get it out there. So it works.

So if you do want to zoom

on a smartphone, you would have to either move closer to the camera

or bring the camera close to the action.

Some other things you can do is get dedicated lenses that give you twice the zoom. So on most smartphones, there’s double there’s two lenses. One is a wide angle lens. And the other one is a telephoto lens, which essentially gives you two times system. So that works, you have an optical zoom, you’re not using digital zoom. So most of the times it works perfectly fine. The image quality is not reduced at all, because you’re optically coming closer to the subject.

Alright, next tip, increase video views on LinkedIn. So how are we going to do how we’re going to increase these video links reviews on LinkedIn? Well, if you stack all of these tips together and create a compelling video, you’ve got the digital you’ve got stabilized video you’re compressing this video. So uploads fast to the platform of your choice. You’re enhancing performance by using mobile apps that give you the best quality possible of the subject you’re recording.

you’re avoiding these two zooms. What this does, gives you some really good views on LinkedIn. Having an horizontal orientation, which is landscape orientation video is the best way to go on LinkedIn. If you do want to post a vertical video on LinkedIn, go right ahead. But make sure that

either the video is edited using video leap which enables you to edit vertical videos and keep them in vertical because if you bring in a vertical video into a movie, you will get the top and bottom of the video chopped off and you’ll have white or black bars on either side of your video.

So don’t do that use video leap or other applications that enable you to edit a

vertical video

if you have access to a desktop you’re able to do that. Do you think the I movie or other movie editing software you can edit those vertical video those make them look clean. post them up on LinkedIn get tons of likes. Those vertical videos come up really nice on smartphones because

they detect the orientation and they can display it in full screen I have tested his but I think it works these video views of your content then brings you more new clients. How effective is that strategy all comes down to how consistent you are in creating content for your platform, about your business, by your services and what you’re doing for your fellow human beings.

Thanks for listening tonight. Signing off from hacks

and hobby.